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Our focus

  • Production of staircases made either of solid wood, or concrete steps with interior covering and other constructions, including banisters.
  • We also make kitchen countertops and cabinets (+3 D visualization) and furniture made of solid wood, veneer and laminated boards in a wide variety of wood types, colors and fittings.
  • A considerable attention is given to the production of front and interior doors and windows (classic simple, six panel, block, double, insulated).
  • In addition to quality work, we offer honest conduct, on-time delivery and warranty period of two years.

News: Wood turning (foot dial, banisters, decorative elements... whatever you want). Feel free to contact us. Transactor A. Hanus, custom-made carpentry +420 731868821. 

Ondřej Jirounek custom made carpentry +420 733 331 569.

Email: Ondrej.Jirounek@seznam.cz